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Seven Key Advantages of Partnering with a Fractional CTO

Hiring a fractional CTO offers significant benefits for startups, especially for those led by founders without a tech background. Here are the seven key advantages of having a fractional CTO in your team: 1. Instant Expertise: A fractional CTO brings the tech know-how you need right when you need it,

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From Builders to Integrators: Unpacking the GenAI Ecosystem

So, I’ve been diving into GenAI, and it’s pretty clear it’s shaking up the business scene. Organizations big and small jumping on the bandwagon, each finding their own unique way to use it. As technologists, we always try to stay up-to-date, learn new things and then apply them. Many of

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Fractional CTO – Common Misconceptions and Reality

I recently attended a technology conference, where I engaged in networking and shared insights into my role. When asked about what I do, I explain, “I just launched my fractional CTO service, where I guide tech startups to refine their technology strategy, architecture, and lead their product development initiatives. Unlike

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